Saturday, June 30, 2012

Soft Greetings from Lithuania

Soft Greetings

This card is from Moominksy from the favorites tag. I love corgies. The text says "Soft Greetings!"

The stamp, from 2008, commemorates the 2008 Zaragoza world exhibition.

"The 13th Woman" by Lydia Davis

The 13th Woman by Lydia Davis

In a town of twelve women there was a thirteenth. No one admitted she lived there, no mail came for her, no one spoke of her, no one asked after her, no one sold bread to her, no one bought anything from her, no one returned her glance, no one knocked on her door; the rain did not fall on her, the sun never shone on her, the day never dawned on her, the night never fell for her; for her the weeks did not pass, the years did not roll by; her house was unnumbered, her garden untended, her path not trod upon, her bed not slept in, her food not eaten, her clothes not worn; and yet in spite of all this she continued to live in the town without resenting what it did to her.

This is an ad card for a reading by Lydia Davis, which I got when I did an internship at the place which sponsored the reading, in 2003.

North Sea, Germany

North Sea

DE-601801 from Barbara.

I've decided to post a few of my favorite cards, since I'm not feeling too good today and I thought it might cheer me up. This card shows scenes from Germany's northern coast. The Wadden Sea National Parks along the coastline is a UNESCO world heritage site. (I'm not sure if the card actually shows that; there isn't any printed info.) Anyhow, this card is a perfect example of a beautiful multiview... artistic, with each view chosen and arranged with care.

Stamp here.

Santos, Brazil


This card came from the June Jubilee RR in 2010. It shows the tram of the coastal city of Santos. Among Santos' attractions are the Coffee Museum, the Football (soccer) Memorial, dedicated to Pélé and other players from the city, and the largest beachfront garden in the world. For far more details on the tram than I can stand to read, check out this page on the tramways of Brazil.

The stamp and its matching cancellation celebrate the Centenary of birth of President Tancredo de Almeida Neves. Issued in March 2010.