Sunday, September 12, 2010

Russian Propaganda

This was a thank-you card for an official I sent to Russia. The text says "The honor of the USSR army!" On the back of the card, he pasted a used bus ticket:

So cool!

And the stamps. The one on the right is one of a set of four featuring tanks (this one is the BT-7M), commemorating the 65th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War.
Did you know that stamps are not copyrighted material under the Russian civil code? There are lots of pictures of them on wikipedia. I couldn't find the one on the left, though.


  1. the left stamp is the one on the bottom -
    "The joint issue - Russian Federation - Republic of Serbia. Art "

    28 June 2010 are published two stamps joint production with the Republic of Serbia, dedicated to the art of iconography. On postage stamps depicted the famous icons of both countries:

    1. Andrei Rublev Archangel Michael ". The beginning of the XV century. The State Tretyakov Gallery
    2. "Virgin Hodegetria. XIV century. The National Museum in Belgrade <<--