Friday, October 1, 2010

County Meath, Ireland

Trim is Ireland's largest castle. It was built over the course of 30 years by Hugh de Lacy, an English nobleman of the 12th century. Although the castle is 25 miles from the sea, in medieval times it was easily accessible by boat, as it overlooks the River Boyne. The then-owners of the castle sold it to the Irish government in 1993, and after six million euro worth of restoration, it was opened to the public as a tourist attraction in 2000. Part of the movie Braveheart was also filmed here.

My roommate (who lived in Ireland for a while) says she thinks she saw Trim Castle from a bus once. "But you can't swing a cat in Ireland without hitting a castle," she says.

The "Wild Flowers of Ireland" definitive for the overseas rate, depicting the sea aster (Aster tripolium).

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