Monday, January 3, 2011

Yunnan, China

Shangri-La: the prairie in autumn.

Shangri-La County is in southwest China. Originally Zhongdian County, it was renamed in 2001 with the name from James Hilton's famous novel Lost Horizon. I tried to watch Frank Capra's movie adaptation of that book, but it was boring... and I couldn't figure out why, in this paradise valley in the middle of nowhere in China, there were only white people. Anyway, the movie was in black and white, nothing like this card! The card is big, more than 8 inches across, and it's one of the most gorgeous cards I've ever received. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much info about the place pictured.

Far right is Happy New Year. Middle stamp is from a set issued in 2009, featuring Zhangzhou Woodprint New Year Pictures. Apparently this one is called "Goddess Sending Children." On the left is another stamp from the set "protecting the common homeland of mankind," this one symbolizing mining resource utilization and management.

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