Friday, March 25, 2011

Tall Ship

I just finished reading "The Sea Wolf" by Jack London. It's about this guy who is just going on a ferry ride across San Francisco Bay, but it gets caught in a storm and he goes overboard. He gets picked up by the Ghost, a seal-hunting ship run by a totally unscrupulous captain who has just killed his first mate. The captain is now short a crewmember, and impresses the man to join the crew, and on they continue, bound for Japan and the herds of seals on the way there. It's a great story, and I could hardly put it down since I started reading it a couple of days ago. So now I'm posting a card of a tall ship... not the Ghost, though. This one, according to the back of the card, is called "Sigyn," which is a Norse female given name. Apparently a fairly common one for tall ships, if you can judge by the results for a google image search of that name. Anyway, the painting is by Håkan Sjöström, who I believe is a Swedish artist, but the card is from Finland. I got it in one of the favorites tags from Kata, who writes:

I love it!

A stamp from a 2009 series of 6 on Finnish Art, this one of a piece by Tuomas von Boehm.

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  1. Sigyn is also Loki's wife's name. I will have to hunt down this painting or maybe request it as a postcard. :D