Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mazatlán, Mexico

I went to Mexico to visit my dear friend Enen and her husband Gentai last November. Now that it is June we are still having November weather here (54 degrees and raining at the summer solstice parade) and I am daydreaming of Mazatlán.


I sent almost a dozen beautiful postcards written and stamped with gorgeous commemorative Mexican stamps. Not a single one arrived. This is one I bought in the airport on my way home.

The cliff divers hang out right here all day and most of the evening, it seems. They wait until they get a big enough crowd of tourists, then dive and collect tips. I never actually saw them dive, but I have a very similar picture only with the person standing on the edge, as if about to dive.

Enen and Gentai live right on the water in the old part of Mazatlán, and you can see these cliff divers from their rooftop. I cannot express in words how beautiful their place is.
This is their front yard:

The view from their rooftop. (This is looking northwest. The cliff divers are southwest.)

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