Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dubai, UAE

This weekend is Memorial Day, in which we honor those that died in service to the U.S.A. You may wonder why I've chosen this particular card to represent that theme... read on...


I received this card last August from a friend in the Navy who was stationed in Dubai at the time. The picture shows the Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai - the tallest building in the world at 2,723 feet. Over 40 wind tunnel tests were conducted before the tower's completion in 2009. It takes 36 workers three to four months to clean all the exterior windows... most of the lower ones have machinery which carries the window-washer around safely; however, at the top, s/he must dangle from a rope to do it. I hope they get paid a lot. The architecture of the tower is supposed to be inspired by a Hymenocallis (spider lily) flower.

Here's the flower. I'm not sure I see the resemblance.

The most special thing about this postcard is the postmark. Although I think he could have sent the card via free mail (U.S. military mail from deployed service members back to the U.S.), instead he sent it from the post office aboard the U.S.S. Emory S Land, a "submarine tender" Navy ship. The ship is equipped to service submarines with everything from food supplies to mechanical repair to mail - hence the on-board post office. I just wish the postmark was less blurry!

Thanks Kirsten for this postcard.

This is a (slightly late) post for Postcard Friendship Friday, hosted by Beth. Click on the image to visit her blog and participate.


  1. I think I agree with you that it's hard to see the inspiration for the tower. It's a very spectacular view though, because it does give an idea of the extent of Dubai. I don't think I've seen one like that before.

  2. I agree with you and Sheila about the inspiration for the tower. It is very impressive and I'm not sure I'd want to visit the top of the tower ... way too high!!!!! Great card. Happy PFF!