Friday, February 8, 2013

Welsh Countryside

Getting well immersed in the countryside...

I got this card from my brother when he was on a bike trip in the U.K. He wrote that this was him one night wild camping in a Welsh forest.

The stamp is from a 2011 set of ten and features Daisy from the children's cartoon Thomas the Tank Engine.

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  1. I especially love that first postcard. It REALLY reminds me of The Pacific Northwest--especially Oregon where I live. Even for those of us who are born here, it has rained more than enough! lol

    Have a lovely weekend, and happy PFF!

  2. Looks like it must rain in Wales. Happy PFF.

  3. This card could also be from Finland, we really had enough rain. Hope next summer will be better.

  4. I have had postcards from my sister, from a camping trip in Cornwall, which sounded very, very similar.

  5. Fun postcard! If you like stamps, please check out my blog tomorrow - we share stamps on the blog hop Sunday Stamps.