Monday, February 14, 2011

Karnak, Egypt

Some of you may know why I chose Krakow and Egypt for today... it wasn't totally random, that much I will say. And these cards even both start with k, although that isn't why I chose them either, but I guess it fits.

Karnak is the largest ancient religious site in the world - a massive site of ancient Egyptian architecture located about 500km south of Cairo. This area was "the most selected of places" for the gods of the people of Thebes. This card depicts the Hypostyle Hall, a hall containing 134 columns 10 to 21 meters heigh and 3 meters in diameter. The architraves (things on top of the columns) are estimated to weigh 70 tons.

The Hypostyle Hall was visited by Lara Croft in one of the Tomb Raider games, and was the site of the final battle in the Transformers movie.

I dug up this card in the thrift shop inside the building where I work, and as such isn't stamped or written.

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