Monday, May 30, 2011

Dutch Horses

From Annerie for my vacation RR group from last month's trip to Portland. That was the trip where I ended up wandering around downtown Portland in the evening looking for some dinner, and trying not to cry in public. I passed a homeless person sitting in a doorway. Instead of asking me for money, he said "Take care. You look like you have a lot on your mind."

Well, something good came of that weekend, because I like this card a lot. The horses look so peaceful in their field in the sun.

She used great stamps. Two (left and middle) from 1988, and one from 1990 (right). The middle one says "200 Jaar Australie" and on the map of Australia "Nova Hollandia." The one on the right says "Hoofdkantoor Koninklijke PTT Nederland NV Groningen." Can anyone explain them?


  1. The blue stamp on the left is a 'Kinderpostzegel' (Childrens stamp). Dutch children go door to door to sell them for charity. People pay a little bit more (35 cents in 1988) on the regular price. The theme in 1988 was 'children and water' - the stamps is a child's drawing.

    '200 year Australia' celebrates the 200th anniversary of Australia. The Dutch hoped that it would be part of the Netherlands and called it 'Nova Hollandia' - New Holland.

    The stamp on the right is on the occasion of the transfer of the head office of the dutch postal services from The Hague to Groningen in 1990 - a decision already made in 1974, because the unemployment in the north of the country (where Groningen is) was very high. This was a political controversial decision however.