Friday, May 6, 2011

Year of the Rabbit, Singapore Philatelic Museum

I guess you could call this a private swap of sorts. Every year the Singapore Philatelic Museum has an exhibit based on the lunar new year symbol, and they invite people to send them postcards showing that year's symbol to display in the exhibit. For every postcard they receive during the month of February, they will send a postcard in return. Last year I didn't have any tiger postcards, but this year I had a rabbit card. I have a few other cards from Singapore but I had a terrible time getting a STAMPED card from there. I had two postage-paid ad cards as officials (and those kind of annoy me), and then I had a private swap with someone, and honestly, my only request was that the card be written and STAMPED, and then it came with a postage label instead of a stamp. Grr. I started to wonder if Singapore even issued stamps. Well, they do!

Nice ones:
Like this stork-billed kingfisher issued in 2007 as a 'flora and fauna definitive'.
And it even has a lovely Singapore Philatelic Museum postmark! ^_^

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