Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Sherman Falls

This came as an official from Carole in Ontario. According to the back of the card, "Hamilton, Ontario has over 100 local waterfalls, making it the undisputed waterfall capital of the world." I was skeptical at first, but a preliminary Google search indicates that this honor is indeed undisputed.

The particular falls pictured on this card is Sherman Falls, which, also according to the back of the card, "is named after the family of Clifton Sherman, who established the Dominion Foundries and Steel Co. in 1912. Located on the Bruce Trail near Old Dundas Road, this beautiful waterfall is also known as Angel Falls and Fairy Falls." Should you want to visit Sherman Falls for yourself, driving directions are available here.

Two stamps that escaped cancellation, both from 2008. The one on the top is from a set of two on Anne of Green Gables, and the one on the bottom is a peony, also from a set of 2.

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