Sunday, December 30, 2012

Zelhem, Netherlands


Despite being a multiview, I really like this card. Artistic, nice font, well-designed!

Zelhem is a village in Gelderland, Netherlands. Apparently it's not famous for much, but is known for the good witch Smokshanne, who in the 19th century flew around Zelham on a broom backwards, with only one clog, the other having been lost in flight. The village's 1200th anniversary party was Smokshanne-themed.

The stamp on the right is familiar to us. I can't find any info on the stamp on the left.

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  1. Left: With this series of stamps PostNL brings environmentally conscious life in the spotlight. Send your mail with Attention to a Green World (2011). Stamp says: "insulation for green environment.

    Right: There is a special stamp for love, for love and friendship post. This stamp is ideal for sending wedding invitations, love letters, Valentine Cards, wedding anniversaries and birthday cards to a friend. (2010)

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