Monday, August 30, 2010

Australian Critters

A wombat.
The wombat is the largest burrowing animal in Australia and is common in Tasmania. It is a solitary animal which grazes at night. The Tasmanian devil is found only in Tasmania and was so named because of its frightening growl. It eats small animals and scavenges dead animals of all kinds.
A wombat and a Tasmanian devil.

The top card was a postage-paid card from nop-nop for the Big Groups Midmonth August 2010 RR, and the one on the bottom came in an envelope with three other cards as an official from a very enthusiastic postcrosser. These are the stamps from that envelope.

The stamp on the left shows Tasmania's Maria Island, and comes from an issue featuring Australia's various regions. The one on the right is Kuranda Scenic Railway in Queensland, from the Great Australian Railway Journeys set.

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