Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fryslân, Netherlands

From MarianneJS for the June 2010 RR.
I love the different colors on this card.

Fryslân, Netherlands.
Fryslân, or Friesland, is unique among the Netherlands' twelve provinces in having its own language, West Frisian, spoken by 70% of the population along with Dutch. Signs in Fryslân are bilingual and there are TV and radio programs in Frisian. Fryslân is mainly an agricultural province–hence the black and white Frisian cows on the card. Fryslân also has 195 windmills, and many lakes and rivers. Located on the northern coast of the Netherlands, Fryslân incorporates the four Dutch Wadden Islands. Vlieland, the furthest from shore, is accessible by ferry, but no cars are allowed on it. This whole area sounds like a great place for a bike tour.

The stamps are really cool! The minisheet of two is from a Dutch comic book, "Jan, Jens an de kinderen" by Jan Kruis. The stamps themselves are fairly old, from a 1998 issue. I couldn't find any info on the one on the left.

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  1. The stamp on the right (again) is a children's stamp, this one from 1982. The theme is 'Children and animals - and what adults can learn from them'. The extra 30 cents are for charity-projects involving children. Children go door-to-door to sell them.