Friday, August 20, 2010

Karbala, Iraq

I received this card today in a private swap with Milad from Iraq. I had two previous private swaps with rare countries go AWOL and never send me a card in return, so I resolved not to get too excited when this opportunity came up... but today I got the card!!! YAY!

Anyway, it shows the Imam al-Abbas shrine in Karbala, Iraq. Karbala is about 100km southwest of Baghdad and is the historical site of the Battle of Karbala in the year 680, when two of Mohammed's grandsons were killed. Each is entombed in a shrine bearing his name, and this is the less well-known of the two. It features a golden dome and two minarets.

Written and stamped! The one on the bottom is from a 2010 issue of four commemorating Arabian Brotherhood Scouts Day; the one on the top is from 2008, on the theme of "National Reconciliation." I'm not sure I would choose a skull to represent such a theme, but maybe it would make more sense if I could read Arabic.


  1. I have developed the same for the rare countries...dont get too excited until the card actually arrives in my doesnt mean the sender isnt honest...just that with those rare countries there seems to be a higher percentage of cards never arriving...i am expecting one from North Korea...who knows what will happen with that one :)

  2. Well, maybe they got lost in the mail... but then you'd think they would at least respond to my messages asking if/when they sent the card, or at least message me to say they received my card!

    Wow, it would be incredible to get a card from North Korea. Hopefully yours will arrive safely! :)