Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moscow, Russia

The Ascension Church in Kolomenskoe, Moscow, Russia, is one of the places that I like receiving multiple cards of (as long as the pictures are different, of course). It is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1994. Built in 1532, it is one of the earliest tent-roofed churches in Russia, and the earliest extant structure of this town, which became Kolomenskoye, an estate of the grand princes of Muscovy. It was actually built to commemorate the birth of a prince who would grow up to be Ivan the Terrible.

Kolomenskoe, Moscow
RU-182195 from Katya. She writes about walking in the park with her grandmother as a little girl, pretending to be alone on an old planet when there were no people there. Now, however, it is a popular spot and there are always people there, even in her old secret places.

Kolomenskoe, Moscow
From Olga for the UNESCO round robin group.

Kolomenskoe, Moscow
From a different Olga for the June 2010 RR.

So many awesome stamps!!

The two stamps on the right are from a 2004 set of four stamps on wolverines. On the left is an eagle from a 2005 joint issue by Russia and Belarus.

On the right are two stamps from a 2009 set of 4 on "Culture of the Russian People - National Head Dress." The gentleman on the far right is sporting a men's hat from Tver Province in the latter half of the 19th century. The woman in the center is sporting a headdress from Nizhniy Novgorod Province, mid-19th century. The stamp on the left is a painting by M.A. Vrubel called "The Swan Princess." It was issued in 2006 in a set of two (the other was a self-portrait by the same artist).

On the bottom are two definitives, Kolomna Kremlin from 2009 and a rabbit from 2008. Upper right is the EUROPA 2010 issue on children's books. Upper left is the fountain of Nizhniy Novgorod from set of 4 Fountains of Russia.

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