Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia

This is by far the most magnificent card I have ever gotten in the Native Plants tag. :) According to the sender, the native plant (bottom right) is called periuk kera, or monkey's pot. This species, Rafflesia keithii, can only be found in Borneo, and it is the state flower of the Malaysian state of Sabah - and the sender has never actually seen it in real life! It has no stems, leaves or roots, as it is an endoparasite, most of the plant growing inside the host vines. The only part of the plant you can see is the flower, which looks and smells like rotting flesh. Yum! (Although I have been watching a lot of Bones lately, even while eating.) Apparently, men sometimes use it as an energy drink or an aphrodisiac...

Moving on.
I'm not sure about the date of issue on the stamps, but I think they are definitives. The one on the left is the ochraceous bulbul (Alophoixus ochraceus) and the one on the right is the spotted dove (Streptopelia chinensis).

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