Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Holidays

This was a holiday card from the families of one of my two-year-olds. Some of you know that I quit my job in December in order to go on my long trip to Asia (from which I returned on Monday - postcards from the trip coming soon!), so it was particularly meaningful to receive holiday/goodbye cards and gifts from some of the families. In my letter of resignation, which went out to all my coworkers and the families of all my children from the past 3 years, I offered to send postcards from my trip to anyone who gave me their address. Four of the families did, including this family, who wrote their address along with a sweet message on the back of this card. I sent them a card from Japan.

I am not sure where this photo was taken, but my guess is somewhere in the state of Washington, where we live.

Posted with permission from the family.

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