Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Portuguese Fisherman


I received this card as an official last October... I love it when I get official cards that are this beautiful. :)
The sender writes that you can find traditional boats like this in northern Portugal, and, as in this picture, sometimes they still use animals to transport boats to and from the sea. I am not sure, but I think the boat is called a moliceiro, and can be recognized by its bright colors, flat bottom, and curved prow.

The stamp features Amália Rodrigues, a Portuguese singer and actress famous for popularizing the fado genre of music. Fado is actually listed as an intangible cultural heritage "site" by UNESCO.

This is my first meme post... for Our Wonderful World Tuesday, hosted by Jocelyn.
Our Wonderful World Tuesday


  1. I wish the fishing boats where I live were as beautiful as that!

  2. Hello Maggie. I love this picture. Cows on the beach. Awesome! Also the boat is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing ^_~

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