Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kiev, Ukraine

St. Volodymyr Cathedral, Kiev

UA-147475 from Mariya.
This card shows St. Volodymyr cathedral in Kiev. The cathedral was completed in 1882, built in neo-Byzantine style - with 3 apses and 7 cupolas. Inside, it has a painting of Saint Olga, also known as Olga of Kiev. She ruled a the medieval polity of Kievan Rus in the 10th century after the death of her husband at the hands of the Drevlians (a rival group), as a regent for her young son. Then, according to wikipedia:

The Drevlians sent twenty of their best men to convince Olga to marry their Prince Mal and give up her rule of Kievan Rus. She had them buried alive. Then she sent word to Prince Mal that she accepted the proposal, but required their most distinguished men to accompany her on the journey in order for her people to accept the offer of marriage. The Drevlians sent their best men who governed their land. Upon their arrival, she offered them a warm welcome and an invitation to clean up after their long journey in a bathhouse. After they entered, she locked the doors and set fire to the building, burning them alive.

Wow. And there are further stories about how she held onto her power, which you can read for yourself on wikipedia if you are so inclined.

The stamp shows a clay bull, from a 2007 set of three definitives of ceramics and glass.

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