Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lukang, Taiwan

 Lukang: A Special Historic Spot

I realized that I've hardly posted any touristic cards of Taiwan, which is a pity, since I have many. Lukang is a township in northwestern Taiwan, which was a busy shipping town in the early 20th century. However, it began to decline when no railroads were built through the city, and that has allowed some of these historic spots to remain, instead of becoming victim to modernization. Lukang has more than 400 temples dedicated to folk deities. Perhaps this building is one of them – anyone want to translate the Chinese?

This card is from shui for the vacation RR. She always sends the best cards! :) And decorates them too...

 The middle stamp is familiar to us (here), and the stamp on the right is another issue of the same set, this time Calliandra marginata, or powderpuff plant, from 2009. The stamp on the left shows Aphrodisium faldermannii yuagii (long-horned beetle), from a 2010 set of four beetles.

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