Saturday, July 3, 2010

Carson Valley, Nevada

I saw my dad today for the first time in many years, so I felt like I should commemorate the occasion by posting the cards he sent me from his home in Nevada.

Winter in the Carson Valley
Carson Valley is between the Sierra Nevadas and the Pinenut Mountains. The big mountain on the right is Jobs Peak, in the Carson Spur of the Sierra Nevadas, which my dad climbs several times a week as a training exercise. He lives at the base of the mountain, more or less behind that barn. The peak itself is actually in California (though right on the border with Nevada, obviously), according to Wikipedia.

Carson Valley
"The Carson Valley's rustic charm is reminiscent of the old west," according to the back of the card. Well, my dad said he wants to get a dog, but he is afraid of predators. Coyotes, mountain lions, eagles, and bears are all common in that area.

It came with just a normal forever stamp, but in case that's a novelty for any international readers, I'll go ahead and post it. This non-denomination stamp shows the Liberty Bell. The forever stamp will always be valid as first class postage, even when the first class rate increases.

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