Friday, July 9, 2010

New Zealand Extreme

I received this card today for the mountains round robin group #15, from Wildfire in New Zealand, who writes, "I imagine that this guy/girl has a fantastic view of the mountains - me, I prefer to look at the mountains from down here on the flat - and maybe have just enough snow to play in a little." A good card for today since it's once again insanely hot here in Seattle, and I wouldn't mind a little snow myself...

Three awesome stamps. The big one at the top is celebrating Maori New Year, or Matariki 2010, featuring a traditional Maori kite–"manu tukutuku"–which is produced and flown during Matariki. It's one of a set of 4 in various denominations, this one depicting "manu patiki".

Down on the right is Tolaga Bay. Located on the North Island’s east coast, Tolaga Bay is well known for its wharf – the longest in New Zealand, at 660 metres. The wharf was built in 1929 to accommodate large coastal trading vessels, but it fell into disuse as improved roads and motor vehicles offered more efficient transport options.

On the left, Lake Coleridge, one of Canterbury’s most popular lakes, enticing visitors from near and far. Set in the eastern foothills of the Southern Alps, Lake Coleridge is a natural paradise – with glacial blue water, breathtaking scenery and abundant marine life. Located near the Raikaia River, Lake Coleridge is the site of New Zealand’s first hydroelectric power scheme, which was completed in 1914 and continues to run today.

These are both "scenic definitives," Tolaga Bay from 2009 and Lake Coleridge from 2007.

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