Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Victoria, Canada

Wooly Mammoth

This big guy lives at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. I sent this card to myself while spending a weekend in Victoria last January. Victoria in January is rather grim. It poured rain and was freezing cold the whole time I was there. The main reason I went was that my favorite band was playing there, and the show was by far the best part of the weekend, so that was okay. Other than that, I think I did every indoor tourist attraction there was near downtown Victoria, and the museum was the best. And I bought a lot of postcards. There were hardly any people staying in the hostel, although it was quite a nice hostel, and I spent a lot of the weekend napping. That was okay too, since I like sleep. :)

It was a bit surreal reading what I had written to myself on the back of the card, though... part of a saga I wonder if I'd be better off not remembering at all. If I eventually post every card related to that saga, will I forget it more easily? Other parts here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. (Some of those it's the cards themselves, some of them it's just what I was thinking about as I posted them.) There are at least 2 other cards to go.

2011 definitive on "baby wildlife," this one being the red fox, in the denomination for sending to the U.S.

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